How To Choose Virgin Indian Human Hair Extensions ?

People who want to change their look or hairstyles, Human hair extension may be the best way to be accepted. Indian hair comes in a variety of textures and you can do anything to these hair extensions that you would do to your own hair.So become one of the most popular decoration or necessities on the market.Some ways to help you distinguish indian virgin hair.

1. Smoke Test: Take out a match or lighter and light the ends of the hair. If the hair burns with a white smoke and turns to ash, it indicates it is human hair and no synthetic fibers have been added to the bundle. If the hair burns with a black smoke and turns into a sticky texture, it indicates that synthetic fibers have been added to the hair bundle.

2. Non-uniformity Check: Virgin hair is taken straight from the scalp of donors and should have some irregularities in it. Most people do not have a perfect wave from root to tip and normally have irregular curls, waves or ringlets on their head. So, look out for some irregularity in textured hair the next time you receive a bundle to be certain it is virgin.

3. Check for Chemicals: Pure virgin hair should not have any chemical processing – no dyeing, perming or relaxers. To check if your hair bundle has been chemically processed, do a sniff test to see if you can pick up any odors from a perm or relaxing. Another quick way to test is to wet the hair bundle and apply a dime sized amount of neutralizing shampoo and massage into the hair. If it turns pink, it means the hair has been chemically processed.

4. Cuticle Check: 100% Virgin hair that is not chemically processed must have the cuticles present on the hair. If it does not, the cuticles have been stripped, usually with an acid bath. To check for hair cuticle, run your fingers up and down the hair shaft. The hair strand should feel smooth going downwards towards the direction of hair growth, however you should feel some resistance as you move your fingers in the opposite direction. This resistance signifies the cuticle is present and has not been stripped.

No matter what you seem to do to your hair, it will never look as perfect as you want to.Maybe your hair is not as long as to style it. Maybe you just do not have the natural body and thickness to your hair. Whatever the reasons are for your disappointment, you should know that there are solutions available to you that can give you the hair you want. 100% virgin India human hair for sale on Besiefy,Don’t miss.


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